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Division of Architecture & IC Design, Embedded Software
Embedded Computing Laboratory
CEA Nano-Innov
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette CEDEX - FRANCE
Phone: (+33) 169-085-543
Fax: (+33) 169-088-895
Email: nicolas.ventroux@cea.fr
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Short Bio

Nicolas Ventroux is a project manager in the Embedded Computing Laboratory at CEA LIST. He received a M.Sc and a M.Eng. in Computer Sciences from INSA, Rennes in 2003, and the PhD degree in Electronics from the University of Rennes in 2006. He is a CEA expert in multiprocessor modeling and design, and a project manager of national and European projects. He was a scholar visitor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the CALCM laboratory for one year in 2012. He is involved today in different European programs and in the management of large European research projects. He wrote, as author and co-author, eight patents and several papers in conferences and journals about multicore and manycore architectures, virtual prototyping, multicore scheduling strategies, reliability, stereovision and image processing, as well as multithreaded, reconfigurable and auto-adaptive architectures. In particular, He designed a virtual prototyping solution named SESAM and managed the complete design of a hardware multiprocessor platform called SCMP. SCMP is an asymmetric multicore architecture dedicated to dynamic applications for embedded systems. It supports a dynamic scheduling of tasks under real-time and energy consumption constraints. He is also a reviewer for several international conferences and journals since 2006.

Research Interests

I am interested in the design of parallel and multithreaded architectures, multi and many-core architectures, reconfigurable and auto-adaptive architectures. In particular, I have focused my research on multiprocessor modeling and exploration (TLM, SystemC), on the acceleration of virtual prototyping, on the energy consumption management, and on reliability and fault-tolerant systems.


Vacation as an assistant professor at ENSTA: SystemC A14-4 Module.

As already teached at ENSSAT (SystemC), ECP (electronics and SystemC courses) and CMU (SystemC / TLM 2.0).

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Multicore and Manycore Architectures (4)

Multicore Scheduling Strategies (4)

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Stereovision and Image Processing (2)

Multithreaded, reconfigurable and auto-adaptive Architectures (3)